Terék József & his friends

Tarogató Hungarian concert



Terék József

is an outstanding Hungarian performer,, and a well liked musician who appeared both on TV Duna- Kivansagkosar show and Radio Dankó. His career started 27 years ago in Tápiószele, but since then, he’s been to stages of Europe, America and Asia, he represented Hungary in 35 other countries, played at festivals, theatre plays and universities, attended composer contests and professional conferences. He’s also been nominated several times to the UK Songwriting Contest and the International Songwriting competition with his own compositions. He is a helping member in many folkdance groups, and is a returning musician to many international festivals. He taught Hungarian folksong for 5 years in a folk camp in USA, Seattle. He is a returning guest for the Hungarians living in West Canada and Hungary.

Primary work

His primary work takes us back to his home region, Tapioszele, and 21 other settlements around it. His work consists of researching and collecting folk songs, then converting them to CD and book format while helping out aspiring artists. Thanks to his work, there have been 14 CDs, 2 DVD-ROM, and 5 books released so far. Thanks to his work, anyone can learn about our culture and pass on this knowledge to generations coming. In publications and concerts he can be heard playing double. His soloist career started in 2015 with the release of „Tarogato as a Hungarikum”. He wanted to capture Hungary’s spirit with his concerts while paying respect to those who also represent these. The musical instrument tarogato is introduced with all its possibilities of sounds which became a Hungaricum in December 2014. Some of the old Rakoczi songs, songs of Hungarian togetherness, vebunks, authentic folk music, Hungarian traditional songs, gypsy songs and own compositions can be heard. The speciality of the concert is that the tarogato instrument is always at central position and it is followed by other instruments such as violin, viola, cymbal and double bass. Virtuosity is enchanted by the duel of cymbal and violin and the stylish escort of the viola and double bass.


  • 2018 Certificate of Hungarian Record
  • Certificate - Hungarian Academy of Arts
  • Certificate of Appreciation (University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas)
  • 2017 Indie International Songwriting Contest – 2nd place - Instrumental category
  • 2016 Medal of Pest County
  • UK Songwriting Competition - Instrumental category – finalist
  • 2015 International Songwriting Competition –Instrumental category – finalist
  • 2014 Recognition Diploma of the Ministry
  • Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit
  • 2013 XXVI. Kallai Kettos Folkdance Festival – Musical Special Award
  • 2012 Medal of Tápioszele
  • 2010 International Songwriting Competition – Instrumental category - finalist, audience vote 2nd place
  • UK Songwriting Competition - Instrumental category – finalist
  • 2009 International Songwriting Competition – Instrumental category - finalist, audience vote 3rd place
  • 2003 Pro Urbe Award of Nagykáta
  • 1994 Pest County Folkmusic Competition – Gödöllő, Golden classification