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Nani’s music has distant leanings to Flamenco, North African music and Sephardic traditional song, with timeless melodies and fluid improvisation, but more importantly, she is the only known artist to revitalise the ancient Ladino language of her grandmother’s Morocco, bringing it into the spotlight and up-to-date with material resonant with our own times. Her voice alone is mesmerising – pure and simple, powerful and precise, and imbued with the traditions and the emotional journey of the migrant people who first took their culture across the globe, following the Jewish expulsion from Spain in the 15th century. With her trio, the sound world of fiery Spanish guitar and vibrant percussion is infused with the rhythm of the market place, the melodies of joy and heartbreak, and the stories of a people who left behind their homeland


Nani is an acclaimed international Singer-Songwriter based in Amsterdam . She won the SENA Performers Award 2019 NL, the ACE Premiere Award 2019 UK and the International Sephardic Music Award 2018 ES, the ACUM Album Award 2014 and won the Mooie Noten competition 2010 NL. Her album LOVE MIGRATION ranked iTunes Top-20 bestseller 2015. Nani performed at Caux international Peace Conference CH, TEDx Amsterdam 2011 NL North Sea Jazz NL, Jazzahead DE, Roccella Jazz IT, InJazz NL, Blue Note PL, Tanjazz MA, sharing the stage with John Clayton, Terell Stafford, Katie Melua, Bobby Mcferrin & more. Nani composed music for BBC and NPO documentaries & released 3 solo albums. Nani is a board member of the Amsterdam Artist Collective , CEO at Nova Productions and Founder & Conductor at Hebrew Groove. Nani is touring internationally with an average of 100 concerts per year .